Gyan Kosh

Sr.No. Title Youtube Link X Class Document XII Class Document
81 Exploring an octahedron
82 Front-Back Bicycle
83 Front-Back Bicycle- Part 2
84 Fun with Great Dodecahedron
85 How much land does a man need: Part 1
86 How much land does a man need: Part 2
87 Intuitively prove that the volume of square pyramid has 1/3 (area of base) * (height)
88 Magical Turn Table: transforms from square to triangle
89 Paper Tangram
90 Single cut IITGN: cutting out letters in a single straight cut
91 The making of great dodecahedron
92 The world's narrowest fluid channel using graphene
93 Visual Proof of centroid dividing median in the ratio 2:3
94 Golden Ratio
95 History of Genetics
96 Fidget Generator
97 Making your own Chappal
98 Mechanical Binary Counter
99 Ball mixing Puzzle: Demostration
100 Ball mixing Puzzle: Explanation