1. Has KVS formulated its Training Policy?

Yes, KVS has formulated its Training Policy.

2. Does KVS has its own training Institute?

Yes, KVS has its 05 Zonal Institutes of Education and Training (ZIETs) as given below:
• ZIET Gwalior (started in 2002)
• ZIET Mumbai (started in 2003)
• ZIET Mysore (started in 2004)
• ZIET Chandigarh (started in 2009)
• ZIET Bhubaneswar (started in 2012)

3. What is the nature and duration of the various training programmes conducted by KVS?

The existing pattern of training of KVS Officers, Teachers & Non-teaching staff is as under:
• Orientation Courses - 3 Day Course
• Induction Courses - 7 to 10 Day Course (done for newly recruited personnel)
• In-Service Courses - 21 to 22 Day Course
• Refresher Courses - 3 to 5 Day Course
• Workshops - 1 to 5 Day course

4. What are the broad aims of In-service Education & Training?

• To sensitize the teachers towards the needs, interest and problems of the students
• Capacity building and change in attitude of the teachers of Kendriya Vidyalayas
• To update the employee with changes and developments taking place in the arena of education.

5. What is the schedule of trainings to be conducted every year in the ZIETs?

The Training Calendar for all ZIETs for the session (from April to March, every year) is approved by the KVS(HQ) and is observed by all ZIETs for the trainings to be conducted every year in the ZIETs.

6. Does Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan have provision for advance TA/DA for workshop, training to teachers?

KVS follows TA/DA rules in accordance with Govt. of India rules.

7. What is the provision of leave in lieu of any training programme conducted during Breaks/Vacations/Holidays?

Incase an employee attends a training programme for 10 or more continuous days during breaks or vacation he is eligible for earned leave as per KVS norms.
Incase an employee attends a training programme on holidays or the number of days are less than 10 days during breaks/vacation then he is eligible for compensatory casual leave (CCL) as per KVS norms.