Gyan Kosh

Sr.No. Title Youtube Link X Class Document XII Class Document
61 Haber's Process- The story of Fritz Haber
62 CRISPR- genetic engineering
63 Story of the Gut- Bacteria living inside us
64 Nitrosomonas bacteria and a new type of deodorant
65 Division of Fractions- The Right Way
66 Mathematics of Graduation Cap
67 Books on Education- Divaswapna, The teacher, Summer Hill, Perelman books, Martin Gardner
68 Story of Topishankar- Shapes and sea
69 3D shapes with cucumber- Using real objects while teaching
70 Ratio of A4 sheet
71 Who feels more cold: Child or an adult (Relation between Areas and Volumes)
72 Mathematical Card Magic
73 Platonic Solids: Why there exist only five
74 Dangers of Space travel without space suit
75 Day clock (Mechanical Advantage)
76 DIY Icosahedron lamp shade
77 Exploring a cube
78 Exploring a dodecahedron
79 Exploring a tetrahedron
80 Exploring an icosahedron