Frequently Asked Question

FAQ- Training

01. Whether KVS has its own training Institute?

Yes, Zonal Institutes of Education and Trainiing (ZIET) are the
training institutes of KVS.

02. How many ZIETs are functional and at which places?

Five ZIETs are functional at Mumbai, Gwalior, Mysore, Chandigarh and
Bhubaneswar. ZIET Mumbai is being upgraded to KVS NationalLlevel
Institute of Training.

03. What are the broad aims of Inservice Education & Training?

Capacity building and change in attitude of the teachers of Kendriya

04. Are short term courses also organised?

Yes, short term courses ranging from 3-7 days are also organized on
various topics, depending upon need.

05. Whether KVS imparts training to its employees through other

Yes, if required, KVS employees are deputed to attend training
programmesconducted by Govt. Institutes, agencies empanelled by
CBSE and other agencies approved by the competent authority.